Force placed insurance penalties to be paid by Assurant

force placed insurance

The amount that the company will be paying will come to an estimated $14 million. Assurant Inc., the largest provider of force placed insurance in the United States, is now facing voluntary penalties of $14 million, following the outcome of an investigation that called the company’s practices into question. This is one of the latest of several similar penalties being faced by insurers with similar practices. Force placed insurance is a completely normal and legal form of coverage in the United States, and is purchased on behalf of a homeowner…

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AIG unit faces potential fines in California over management of fire claims

American International Group Inc. (AIG) subsidiary, New Hampshire Insurance Co., along with York Risk Services, its claims processing agent, are now facing citations for 125 violations connected with alleged improper handling of California wildfire related claims from 2008. According to California Department of Insurance (CDI) general counsel, Adam M. Cole, “The allegations in this case reflect a troubling lack of attention to consumer needs by New Hampshire Insurance Company.” CDI has stated that each of the various violations for which the insurer has been sited have to do with “an…

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