GEICO Offers New Discounts Amid Rising Auto Insurance Rates

Geico auto insurance new discount

In a bold move to capitalize on increasing auto insurance rates across states such as California, GEICO Corp., part of Warren Buffet’s empire, is offering an attractive discount initiative, the “Welcome Factor,” aimed at expanding its auto insurance business. GEICO’s Fresh Approach to Auto Insurance With the surge in insurance rates, many insurers are taking a step back from writing new policies. However, GEICO is actively inviting new clients by marketing a special discount for those who apply for personal auto insurance. The discount is designed to taper off gradually…

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Choosing an Insurance Agency

Insurance is something most people forget about until they are in a situation where they really need it. But, being insured is crucial to help protect the valuable things in your life. Some insurance is a necessity, such as personal auto insurance. However, insurance for other belongings such as jewelry and home contents is often overlooked. One thing that puts many people off becoming insured is not knowing what insurance they need and how to get the best deal. This is why using an insurance agency such as Barouh Insurance…

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What Car Insurance Do You Need When Towing?

towing insurance

Just because you’ve got a tow hitch doesn’t mean what you tow will be covered under your primary automobile insurance. There are a high amount of mechanical issues which can develop from towing. Even if you know what you’re doing, there can be problems. Now that’s not to say you shouldn’t tow, it’s not to say there are no insurance options available. It is to say you should know what you’re doing, and be careful. As far as insurance goes, what you’re looking for is twofold. Firstly, seek roadside assistance…

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Des Moines opts back into self insurance program to cut costs

Health insurance for city workers in Des Moines, Iowa, is becoming less expensive. Earlier this week, the City Council moved to make a switch back to a self-insurance system for its employee’s health plans. This is the first time since 2003 the city has opted to participate in such a system. City officials hope that the change will help save money on policies across the board. They expect it will also save taxpayers money – to the tune of $1million annually. The City Council is currently expanding their efforts to…

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