Insurance news from Allstate could include 50% rise

Allstate Insurance company news

The “Good Hands” teams may soon be seeing good news, too, as the insurer continues to generate positive figures. Allstate has been making insurance news on a steady basis over recent days as its efforts to break away from its staid image in favor of one that is more modern, through expanded online support, is now beginning to come to fruition. The transformation of this second largest personal insurer in the United States is a highly positive one. Having started approximately six years ago, this made small insurance news headlines…

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Insurance news from Germany warns residents of increasing premiums

German insurance industry

The GDV industry association has said that the rise will be 1.5 percent this year. The GDV has just announced the latest insurance news, that insurers in Germany, including Talanx AG and Allianz SE, will likely be posting an increase in their premiums of 1.5 percent by the year’s end. It is believed that the premiums growth will increase to €180.7 billion ($230 billion). Among the explanations for these premiums increases are that the country has seen some of the highest levels of property and casualty growth that it has…

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Insurance news from Ghana may send health system into bankruptcy

World Bank Building pandemic Insurance fund News

A study from the World Bank has shown that this could occur as early as 2013. The World Bank has released the results of their latest study, which has revealed the devastating insurance news regarding Ghana’s health coverage system and its direction toward bankruptcy in 2013. As soon as next year, the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) could be bankrupt. The insurance news report stated that “the system has serious structural and operational inefficiencies and is on a trajectory to go bankrupt as early as 2013.” It went on to…

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Insurance news from London has insurers under fire due to riots compensation

Riot Insurance claims News

Many policyholders have faced significant delays in receiving their payments. In August of 2011, businesses throughout London were faced with significant damage due to massive rioting throughout the city, and the latest insurance news has shown that many have not yet been compensated by their insurers. It is estimated that one third of the businesses hadn’t received anything four months after making a claim. One out of every three claims made by businesses following the rioting have made insurance news because they hadn’t received a single penny to help to…

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