Insurance industry has trouble engaging millennials

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Insurers find it difficult to connect with a new generation of consumers The insurance industry has been providing coverage across a wide variety of sectors for countless years, but never before in history have insurers had to deal with a generation of consumers that are obsessed with technology and their invincibility. Gallup conducted a survey recently highlighting the difficulty insurers are having with connecting with millennial consumers, those born in 1980 through 1996. These consumers have proven difficult to engage, which has left the insurance industry somewhat disconnected from this…

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Insurance industry is beginning to respond to evolving global market

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Insurers and reinsurers are adopting a new approach to their markets Insurance and reinsurance companies are beginning to re-evaluate their business models as prices begin to soften throughout the global market. Risks are beginning to evolve and new investors are beginning to power changes within the commercial insurance market. These changes are encouraging companies to change the way they approach their chosen market sectors in order to better accommodate demand and ensure their continued sustainability. Companies are also feeling a greater need to balance their exposure to certain risks, especially…

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Insurance-linked securities showing strong results

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Aon reports insurance-linked securities performing well despite economic turmoil Aon Benfield Securities, the investment banking division of the global reinsurance organization, has launched the latest edition of its annual report on insurance-linked securities. Insurance-linked securities are financial instruments whose value is determined by insurance loss events. In its latest report, titled “Evolving Strength 2012,” Aon highlights a number of key trends it has observed over the past year. These trends range from the frequency and severity of natural disasters to the issuance of catastrophe bonds. Catastrophe bond issuance on the…

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Connecticut Becomes First U.S. Insurance Regulator to Join International Information Exchange Agreement

Membership Strengthens International Supervisory Cooperation, Promotes Enhanced Consumer Protection Connecticut Insurance Commissioner Thomas B. Leonardi and Peter Braumüller, Chairman of the Executive Committee of the International Association of Insurance Supervisors (IAIS), today announced that Connecticut has joined an international supervisory cooperation and information exchange agreement, becoming the first U.S. regulator to gain membership. Connecticut becomes the 22nd signatory of the IAIS Multilateral Memorandum of Understanding (MMoU), a framework that establishes a formal basis for global cooperation and information exchange among insurance supervisors. Commissioner Leonardi and Chairman Braumüller said Connecticut was…

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Coalition for Competitive Insurance Rates oppose new laws for foreign reinsurance companies

Two laws currently before Congress have found opposition from the Coalition for Competitive Insurance Rates, a group of businesses and consumers that rely on low rates stemming from competition in the national insurance market. The legislations in question are H.R. 3157 and S.B. 1693. Both laws impose greater taxes on foreign insurance and reinsurance companies that wish to do business within U.S. borders. The Coalition fears that this will dissuade foreign companies from entering the market, thereby reducing competition and raising insurance prices. Currently, the majority of the reinsurance needed…

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Insurance survey shows consumers unclear about what they really have

A new survey from Accenture, a managing and technology services company, has been released. The survey draws upon the experience of 7,000 people across 13 countries regarding their satisfaction with the insurance industry. The worldwide industry has come under a fair amount of scrutiny recently for glorifying insurance policies that are far less than what they claim to be. Accenture’s survey reveals major gaps between what customers expect to receive from insurers and what they are actually getting. According to the survey, 84% of respondents said that they were satisfied…

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