Insurance marketing spending war is easing

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The battle between Allstate and Geico over ads now appears to be cooling down. There has been an insurance marketing war going on between Allstate and Geico in terms of spending on ads, but now after two years of increases that have been in the double digits, it is now being reported that the later of those insurers had boosted its ad spend by only 5 percent in 2013, to reach $1.75 billion. At the same time, Allstate Corp. is also slowing its rate of spending on the ads that…

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Geico’s insurance marketing costs about $1 billion every year

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It isn’t cheap to get the word out about a brand and the coverage it offers. Auto insurer, Geico Corp., which is well recognized for its insurance marketing on television, online, and on billboards, has announced that it spent nearly a billion dollars ($993.8 million) on its advertising campaigns last year. This is the most spent by any single vehicle insurer in the United States. It is also a great deal more than the company, itself, had spent, having increased by a full 10 percent from the 902.7 million that…

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Study shows the number of vehicle owners shopping to change their insurers has dropped

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Research has suggested that a lower number of drivers are considering changing insurance companies. The results of a survey performed by J.D. Power and Associates, the market research company, have indicated that the number of car owners who are using online auto insurance tools to change their insurers has been dropping. Despite the fact that these carriers are spending an increasing amount in order to draw new business, there are fewer people seeking to leave their current provider. According to the results of the survey, in 2011, one quarter of…

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