Insurance marketing investigation leads to lawsuit from AIG

AIG Insurance Industry Marketing

The insurer has now sued the top financial regulator in New York to block a fine. American International Group Inc. (AIG) has filed a lawsuit against Benjamin Lawsky, the top financial regulator in New York, in order to block it from being able to fine the insurer over its insurance marketing efforts that it has been conducting without a state license. The claim from AIG is that it would be unconstitutional to have to pay this fine. AIG has called the insurance marketing fine an interpretation that is “flawed and…

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Using social media marketing for insurance agencies

Insurance Social Media Marketing

Owners and agents need to embrace the latest techniques to stay ahead. The owners of insurance agencies, and the agents who work within them, are discovering that in order to survive and keep ahead of the competition, the latest techniques and technologies are required, and this includes the use of social media marketing. This doesn’t simply mean that a profile should be created on a social networking platform, but that a presence should be established in many places, and that followers should be provided with regular updates and relevant information…

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Insurance community receives guidelines to decrease social media risks

The Insurance community has released a set of social media use guidelines in an effort to mitigate the risk of using the highly popular form of marketing and communication.  Agencies have been using social media to communicate with their potential and current customers, colleagues, underwriters, referral sources, and others.  That said, serious consequences have been arising as a result of its improper use.   The following guidelines have been released for the use of the insurance community when using social media.  Understand your reader – it is important to get to…

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