Third largest insurance market is now China

China insurance market news

Figures released by the China Insurance Regulatory Commission (CIRC) show a surge over the past half decade. Following five years of tremendous surges in growth in the Chinese insurance market, premiums from that country have now brought it up to the third place spot among the largest marketplaces in the world. This was shared as a part of a report produced by the China Insurance Regulatory Commission (CIRC). The third place insurance market position was actually achieved in 2015, though the figures were only just tallied by the CIRC. The…

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Insurance market in Latin America to continue rapid growth

insurance industry growth

This geographical segment of the marketplace is expected to maintain its fast increases, despite industry challenges. According to a recent statement that was made by Alan Murray, senior vice president at Moody’s, Latin America will continue to be one of the most rapidly growing insurance market regions on the globe. This, despite the fact that the insurance industry is expected to have to face certain hurdles along the way. Over the last ten years, Latin America has continued to hold the top spot as the most rapidly growing insurance market,…

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Independent insurance agencies seeing major growth in US

Independent Insurance agencies

Study shows promising trends for independent insurance agencies The number of independent insurance agencies, as well as the revenue they produce, is on the rise, according to a new study from Future One, a collaborative group comprised of the Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America and a group of independent agency companies. The study, called “2012 Agency Universe Study,” shows that independent agencies are becoming more popular throughout the U.S. The study provides some insight on why agencies may be growing more popular and what that could mean for…

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Mobile device insurance market in the U.S. poised for growth

mobile commerce insurance industry

Advanced mobile technology becoming a popular candidate for insurance protection Mobile technology is growing at a rapid pace around the world. More mobile devices, such as smart phones and tablets, are finding their way into the hands of consumers, especially in the U.S., home of some of the largest mobile technology developers in the world. As mobile devices become more advanced, consumers are beginning to see the potential risks in these devices becoming damaged or stolen. As such, the mobile phone insurance market has experienced more growth as consumers demand protection…

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A.M. Best report shows strong growth in Vietnamese insurance market

Vietnam insurance market growing despite global economic turmoil A.M. Best, a credit ratings and financial research company service the insurance industry, has released a new report concerning the insurance market in Vietnam. The report notes that the country’s insurance market is showing strong signs of growth. This is despite the ongoing, worldwide economic problems that have stymied the insurance industry in some markets. A.M. Best is reporting that insurance premiums in Vietnam are growing by double-digit margins. The company expects this trend to continue as the country’s economy shows signs…

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