Cigna health insurance sued over use of software to deny claims

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The insurer was sued in California for alleged unlawful claims reviewing software use. Cigna is now facing a lawsuit in California over allegedly unlawfully reviewing health insurance claims using software that does it automatically instead of having human employees complete the work. When a claim is submitted to an insurer, certain steps must be taken to determine if it will be accepted or denied. The healthcare system in the United States involves certain steps when it comes to determining payment through health insurance coverage. First, the patient heads to a…

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Texas insurance companies may soon see drop in lawsuits

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A new bill in the state House would discourage homeowners from suing as a result of certain claims. Texas insurance companies could soon find themselves facing fewer lawsuits relating to claims involving weather damage. The Texas House passed a bill discouraging homeowners insurance policyholders from filing lawsuits against their insurers in regard to claims involving flood, hurricane or hail damage, for example. At the moment, Texas insurance code provisions include a penalty for failing to follow-through with claims payments. This means that Texas insurance companies risk having to pay more…

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Connecticut insurance payout timing for Sandy running out

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Fifteen months after the superstorm smashed its way through the area, homeowners are still waiting for their insurers. While Superstorm Sandy may no longer be making the top headlines anymore it doesn’t mean that the Connecticut insurance industry has finished up with all of the claims and payouts that were wrapped into this horrendous natural disaster that ripped across the east coast of the country. Some homeowners insurance customers are still waiting to receive the payouts for their claims. The problem is that time is starting to run out according…

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Louisiana Citizens Insurance awarded temporary court order concerning $105 million in assets

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Citizens wins court order in long-standing legal battle with policyholders Louisiana’s Citizens Property Insurance, a state-run provider of insurance coverage for homeowners, has won a temporary court order that allows it to retain $105 million in assets that would have gone to policyholders. These policyholders are accusing the company of being late on adjusting claims relating to 2005’s Hurricanes Rita and Katrina. Citizens has long argued that adjustments were made appropriately, but this stance did not win the company favor with previous judgments that required the company to pay policyholders.…

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California trade groups and insurance regulators settle two Iran divestiture

California insurance regulators and trade groups have come to a settlement over two suits regarding efforts that were being made to put pressure on insurance companies to stop their investments into organizations that took part in nuclear, defense, or energy-related work in Iran. The announcement was first made at the end of Friday by Dave Jones, the Insurance Commissioner in California. The lawsuits had to do with a controversial initiative started in 2009 by Steve Poizner, the previous California Insurance Commissioner, which threatened insurers with penalties and publication when they…

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Liberty Mutual posts Q3 losses due to natural catastrophe and asbestos charges

The Liberty Mutual Group, one of the largest property casualty insurers in the U.S., has posted their third quarter financial report. The report shows that the company has lost millions as the result of natural disasters and a high-profile asbestos lawsuit that was levied against the insurer earlier in the year. Last year, the insurer reported a net profit of $567 million during the third quarter, but 2011 has produced several major natural disasters that have shaken the insurance industry to its core. Liberty Mutual’s losses from catastrophic events for…

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Legal battles expected in the wake of Hurricane Irene

Adding to the troubled following Hurricane Irene, lawyers along the East Coast are expecting a number of legal battles to break out, all centered on insurance. The most prominent litigations are expected to form around property damage and how it was caused. While most property insurance policies account for damage from wind, flood coverage is an entirely separate issue. State Farm, Allstate and Liberty Mutual are expected to bear the brunt of the legal battles as they are the primary insurers in the states battered by Irene. The extent of…

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