Aetna insurance jobs open up for over 300 people

aetna insurance jobs work from home

The insurer has announced that a number of spots are opening up for new hires to work from home. Aetna insurance jobs have opened up in a wave for people who are seeking to start or continue a career in the industry without having to face a commute. This is becoming an increasingly common type of position in the insurance industry as Cigna, one of Aetna’s rivals, also hires people who work from home. The health insurance company is showing that it understands why its teams might like staying at…

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Progressive to bring in 120 new hires in Austin

Progressive Car Insurance has announced that it will be hiring approximately 120 new people in their claims, sales, and service positions at its contact center in Austin, before the end of the year. These positions come with many attractive qualities, such as flexibility – for example, compressed work weeks and work from home opportunities – a casual dress code, performance bonuses, fitness centers, and on-site medical facilities for both the employees and their families. Recruiting director Katie Koch, from Progressive, said that the insurance company’s employees remain with that business…

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