Insurance news from Zurich reveals 82 percent profit increases

Zurich Insurance News

Gains from investments have caused the largest insurer in Switzerland to see a huge fourth quarter profit rise. The biggest insurer in Switzerland, Zurich, has made an insurance news announcement that its fourth quarter profits experienced an increase of 82 percent as a result of higher investment capital gains. The insurer’s net income experienced a massive growth when compared to the same time the year before. The net income that was reported by Zurich was $983 million. This was a considerable year over year increase, as the same time in…

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Catastrophe bonds remain unaffected by Hurricane Sandy

Catastrophe Bonds Insurance News

Catastrophe bonds investors shrug off impact of natural disaster Catastrophe bonds are unlikely to be swayed by the impact of Hurricane Sandy, as investors show little concern for the storm’s impact on the U.S. and the global insurance industry. Though Hurricane Sandy is being considered one of the largest storms to ever impact the U.S., causing approximately $20 billion in damage according to early estimates, it may not be able to cause a panic amongst investors. Catastrophe bonds have yet to show any indication of negative impact from the storm,…

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Nationwide Insurance reports losses in the third quarter due to natural disasters and poor investment results

Nationwide Insurance has reported its third quarter financial results for this year. The report details a turbulent third quarter, which has been wracked by severe storms and other natural disasters along with costly investment mishaps. Overall, the report shows that the insurer has lost billions in investments and millions in claims relating to storm damage. While Nationwide has an optimistic outlook for the remainder of the fiscal year, there can be no doubt that recent events will encourage changes to be made to the company’s policies. Nationwide reports that its…

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Investment vehicles help promote investor action in the insurance sector

This year’s string of devastating natural disasters has put insurers on edge. Earthquakes, tornados, floods and fires have drained capital levels throughout the insurance industry. In an effort to recover from such dramatic losses, many insurers have taken to ramping up their rates. Higher premium rates mean that companies will be able to recover their losses faster, but it also means they stand to make quite a bit of profit. This has not gone without notice, as investors begin flocking to the industry, seeing opportunity in the rampant calamity. “There…

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