Auto insurance hike prevention efforts taken on by Michigan

michigan auto insurance pothole

The state’s legislators are now getting behind efforts to stop rates from rising from pothole damage claims. A long winter of extreme weather has now brought about a rather nasty pothole season in Michigan, and the state’s House of Representatives are now looking into a bill that has recently been introduced to help to control the impact that this will have on auto insurance premiums as claims from damage start pouring in. The bill is meant to help to keep premiums from rising because a claim was made for pothole…

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Auto insurance no fault regulation in Michigan could change

michigan auto insurance

Many people in the state are pushing to have this required element of the policy removed due to cost. The Insurance Institute of Michigan, insurers, other people in the industry, and the residents of the state are now recognizing that the auto insurance in the state requires some changes in order to keep its rapidly rising costs under control. The no-fault portion of the required coverage in the state is leading the cost of car ownership skyward. Now many are starting to feel that this auto insurance system is ready…

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Insurance industry backing a bill stopping medical marijuana claims from workers compensation coverage

The Insurance Institute of Michigan has revealed that the insurance industry in the state has supported a proposed law that would stop the workers compensation from being able to fund medical marijuana claims. There is already a bill being considered by the legislature in Michigan which would ban auto insurance companies from being allowed to provide payouts for medical marijuana as an part of accident claims. Some auto insurers have already been making these payments as there is some uncertainty connected to the law regarding medical marijuana in the state.…

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Michigan lawmakers poised to shut insurance loophole concerning medical marijuana

The issue of medical marijuana and how it pertains to insurance has been under debate in Michigan. Lawmakers have previously enacted legislations that freed insurers from paying for medical marijuana, but the same cannot be said for auto insurance companies. It is fairly common for those that have been injured in car accidents to seek medical marijuana as a way to medicate the pain. According to state lawmakers, no insurance coverage was ever meant to accommodate such a treatment and now legislators are looking at new laws that would bar…

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Michigan Senate bill aims to restrict auto insurance injury benefits

According to the results of a study that were recently released, there would be “potentially disastrous economic impacts” if there were to be a cap to the personal injury benefits under the state’s no-fault insurance law. The research, which was performed by the Anderson Economic Group for the Coalition Protecting Auto No-Fault, looks into the possible outcome of a bill before the Michigan Senate that had bipartisan support. This bill was sponsored by senators Virgil Smith (D-Detroit) and Joe Hune (R-Whitmore Lake) and would permit a cap as low as…

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