California watchdog group calls for tougher insurance industry rules

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A consumer advocacy group is now petitioning state legislators to reconsider a privacy bill. A California consumer watchdog is petitioning legislators to tighten insurance industry rules. The advocacy group is asking lawmakers to rethink the pending California Consumer Privacy Act. According to the watchdog, the act has the potential to allow insurance companies to sidestep privacy laws. The California Consumer Privacy Act is slated to become effective in January 2020. It was written to provide regulations preventing the sale of consumer personal information from being sold to other companies. It…

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Open federal insurance regulations meeting to be held on June 3

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The U.S. Federal Reserve hopes that Friday will use this opportunity for proposals for capital and other rules for insurers. The U.S. Federal Reserve has announced that June 3, 2016 will be the date for its open meeting in which proposals will be discussed with regards to federal insurance regulations for rules including capital and other factors affecting insurers. This Friday’s meeting will be centered around changes in regulations that have been building for over five years. The announcement from the American central bank was made following the preview of…

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Insurance news from Congress shows repairs coming to capital rules

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There are a number of changes that are lined up to occur throughout this week to fix the current situation. Lawmakers from the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives are making insurance news as they prepare to tackle a law, this week, that will help to provide greater relief to large insurers against tight capital rules that had been designed with banks and other similar financial institutions in mind. This repair has been nicknamed the Collins Amendment to the reform law, 2010 Dodd-Frank Wall Street. This insurance news could mean…

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Too big to fail insurance corporations should be governered by different rules than the banking industry

The term “too big to fail” rose to prominence in the wake of 2008’s economic recession. Much like the effects of the recession, the phrase has lingered and has come to define certain aspects of the business world. Too big to fail is a categorization often attributed to massive corporations that have complex and expansive global business operations and deep ties with financial institutions. If these businesses were to fail, there may be disastrous implications for the global economy that go well beyond the problems born during the 2008 recession.…

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