Health insurance shrinking uninsured rate among American adults

health insurance enrollment

A recent survey tracking health care reform success has shown that a positive difference is being made. Just over two weeks is left to purchase the necessary health insurance plans to comply with the individual mandate requirements of the Affordable Care Act, and while the launch of the exchanges last October were not without tremendous hiccups – to say the least – it looks as though it has turned around and is making meaningful progress in reducing the number of adult Americans who had been uninsured. The results of a…

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Despite unsteady market, insurance companies hold their ground

Insurance companies have been taking action to solidify their cash reserves since the start of the economic crisis, and have been working to decrease the number of high-risk investments within their investment portfolios, for example collateralized debt obligations. According to life insurance analyst Steven Schwartz, from Raymond James & Associates Inc., if they are not capable of borrowing money, holding companies are keeping notably more cash in order to cover their debts. In fact, they are currently holding twice to three times the amount that had been held in past…

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