Healthcare fraudsters continue to get caught despite coronavirus pandemic

healthcare fraud

Most things in life have been paused in one way or another by the coronavirus pandemic. Whether that’s sport, entertainment, construction or even something as simple as going to the shops, social distancing has slowed so many things down. Yet the justice system’s ability to prosecute those allegedly abusing the healthcare system for financial gain shows now signs of slowing.  A quick search for the term “healthcare fraud” on Google will bring up dozens of new news articles every week. When you look at the numbers involved, it’s clear to…

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Insurance news from Illinois includes a grant of $1 million to assist consumers

Insurance News for health care reform

The state has received the funds to help to improve the complaints system regarding industry practices. Illinois is making insurance news now that it has received a grant from the federal government worth $1 million, which will be used to help the state to improve the way that it provides consumers with assistance when they are seeking to file complaints about the way that the industry functions. The announcement was made by Andrew Boron, the director of the Illinois Department of Insurance. When Boron made the announcement, he explained that…

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