Insurance fraud on the rise in US and Canada

Disability Insurance Fraud

Survey shows companies are concerned with growing prevalence of insurance fraud The results of a new survey have been released by FICO, an analytics firm, concerning the prevalence of insurance fraud in the U.S. and Canada. The survey suggests that insurance companies are expecting to see higher losses from fraud on personal insurance lines. Insurance fraud appears to be growing more common in both countries despite aggressive regulations being adopted that are meant to mitigate the impact of such practices. Insurers expect to see higher losses from fraud this year…

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Insurance fraud rapidly growing among mortgage policies

homeowners insurance fraud

The rate of fraudulent cases has been rising very quickly, to the point of doubling in five years. The latest report based on Experian data has revealed that the rate of mortgage and insurance fraud has risen to 38 cases out of every 10,000 applications as of last year in the United Kingdom. This is over double the rate of the fraudulent claims that was recorded in 2007. The insurance fraud has been rapidly increasing since the start of the economic downturn and the credit crunch that was associated with…

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