Recent insurance fraud investigation puts high-ranking Philadelphia fire official in jail

Yolanda Stallins Insurance Fraud Investigation

Yolanda Stallings, a 14 year veteran of the Philadelphia Fire Department was arrested, facing several charges. A recent insurance fraud investigation brought investigators to an unexpected source: a highly respected, upper ranking Philadelphia fire official. The Philadelphia Fire Department’s (PFD) website had yet to be updated by the time this article was written. It stated that the accused, Yolanda Stallings, has been with the PFD for 14 years and is an “Executive Chief of Strategic Planning.” Stallings is also the first African American woman to be a PFD Executive Team…

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Massive insurance fraud scam involves 33 people crashing cars

auto insurance fraud accident

In Santa Clara County auto insurers were scammed by a huge number of their policyholders. According to the Office of the District Attorney in Santa Clara County, there were 33 people involved in a tremendous insurance fraud scam, as they deliberately crashed older cars into each other in order to be able to file claims. The insurance companies were the victims of an alleged scam that had them paying for the deliberate crashes. The majority of the defendants were from San Jose. Each of them has now been charged with…

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Auto insurance scam investigation crashes massive fraud ring

auto insurance fraud

The Operation High End inquiry lasted for four years and has led to a number of arrests. A series of arrests have now been made as a result of the conclusion of the Operation High End four year investigation into a multimillion dollar auto insurance scam ring that was uncovered in California. The probe was conducted throughout the Los Angeles area and there have already been 12 arrests. At the time of the writing of this article, a dozen people had already been arrested for their alleged parts in this…

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Report shows the discrepancy of auto insurance claims in New York City

The Insurance Research Council of Pennsylvania has released a new report concerning auto claims and insured losses in New York City. New York has become infamous in the insurance industry for the multitude of auto claims that come from the state. In recent years, more claims have been coming in to insurers, many of which have been found to be fraudulent. The report highlights the differences in claiming behavior throughout the state and touches upon the discrepancies found in claims. According to the report, personal injury protection claims have risen…

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Car insurance: truth, lies, myths, and reality

When it comes to auto insurance, there is a lot of information available, but it’s hard for insurers and customers alike to know what to believe, what is a deception, and what is simply an urban myth. A recent study performed in the United Kingdom by eCar – an eInsurace Group serving more than 28,000 monthly insurance applications – found that women drivers are slightly more likely than men to alter the truth when they submit an auto insurance application. The study also showed that there has been an increase…

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