Many wedding insurance policies are changing shape due to the pandemic crisis

Wedding insurance policies - bride and groom

Several carriers have been altering their coverage since COVID-19 lockdowns started taking place. Since the start of the pandemic crisis, claims on wedding insurance policies have been pouring in. This has had two major impacts on the market for this particular product. The first is that awareness of its existence has skyrocketed. The second is that many insurers have been working to change the coverage these products provide. Many engaged couples are seeing this type of coverage as essential for the first time. Since March 2020, when COVID-19 slammed many…

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Wedding insurance now recommended to protect against fights

Wedding Insurance

Planners and industry experts feel that additional coverage can only help newlyweds. Following the increasing instances of fights breaking out at receptions, many planners and industry experts are now recommending that couples purchase wedding insurance to cover against the damage that could occur as a result of these unexpected circumstances. The importance of coverage has become all the more clear with the high profile fights in Philadelphia. The massive brawl that occurred in Philadelphia and that rapidly had its video go viral, providing a clear image of how rapidly, and…

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Forms of insurance coverage not always considered by consumers

Though consumers are typically aware that they need homeowners’, renters’, and automobile insurance, there are other forms of coverage that can be offered by policies of which they may be entirely unaware unless they are highly knowledgeable about the various types of protection available. Some of them include: • Personal Electronic Equipment Insurance – this is a very practical insurance for consumers who have expensive electronic devices at home, such as televisions, audio equipment, or computers. It covers loss and damage and might even pay for repairs and replacement, depending…

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CICI Lombard and Bajaj Allianz announce new wedding insurance products

CICI Lombard and Bajaj Alliance insurance companies from India have announced that they are now offering a unique form of “wedding insurance” product. Though marriages are meant to be a dream come to reality, the truth of the matter is that they don’t all come to pass, and that there is a chance that they may need be stopped for any number of reasons. The insurers recognized this fact as an opportunity and developed a new product in which weddings could be insured against the possibility of postponement or cancellation…

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Bikini Travel Insurance announces new product just for women

Bikini Travel Insurance has announced that it has released a form of specialized travel insurance that was created by women, for female consumers. This new Bikini Travel Insurance policy is now available for purchase online. This product is particularly unique because insurance products are typically considered to be the creation of men. This product breaks away from that tradition and focuses specifically on consumers who are women, with their travel behaviors and needs in mind. The policies do still cover the conventional travel insurance elements such as repatriation cover and…

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Hurricane Irene spurs growth in wedding and event insurance

When Hurricane Irene made its way up the East Coast of the United States, it destroyed homes and businesses, ripped up trees, downed power lines, and disappointed many who had been preparing for important events such as weddings. The majority of couples who had intended to get married during the week of August 28, 2011, were forced to either cancel their weddings or at least postpone them until a later date. Hurricane Irene made the risk of this type of unforeseen event quite real to many other couples who have…

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