Not Happy With Homeowners Insurance – How to Compare Quotes

Homeowners Insurance Discounts

If you’re looking for homeowners insurance, you have to shop around first. Getting the best deal and the best coverage both depend on comparison shopping. It’s easy, just as long as you know where to start. Go With What You Have As you begin looking for homeowners insurance, stick with what you know. Talk to the company that carries your car insurance first, to see if they have any viable options or recommendations. They might even offer bundling opportunities. If you rent your home, then the company carrying your renters…

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U.S. Nuclear Plants…how exposed are we?

The people of Japan knew they were at risk for a large scale earthquake, and even a tsunami. They took painstaking measures to prepare for this possible, “once in a lifetime” event.  We watched the tragedy and devastation that was taking place, in one of the most prepared countries in the world.  One hundred twenty seven million people experienced an event of historical proportions. All the planning and scenarios had been done for a “worst case disaster.” But as one disaster turned into two, and then two turned into three,…

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Read carefully…insurance policies carry nuclear exclusions

Insurance companies are reeling from the possible cost of the disaster in Japan. It will be weeks before the entirety of the damages can be put into any kind of perspective to be tallied. It isn’t just the property damage and the economic loss; the lives that were lost will also be a factor. Another aspect of this disaster is the nuclear contamination from damaged reactors.  Most traditional policies exclude coverage for nuclear accidents. There is more to assessing damage than people might realize. You have to determine what was…

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Major home insurer, Citizens, is excluding drywall in coverage

Drywall Coverage

Private insurers have been making tweaks to their coverage plans all over the country. Citizens Property Insurance is following suit by dropping coverage on properties with damage from Chinese drywall. The first time it had proposed such a move, back in 2009, it met harsh rebuke. As a state funded organization, it is often seen as the last coverage provided to offer service when no one else would. In a report from 2009, drywall from China was found to be responsible for a number of damages to homes including the…

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