State-run health insurance exchanges struggle to find enrollees

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Enrollment in state-run exchange is going down, study shows A new study from Avalere Health and the Kaiser Family Foundation shows that enrollment in state-run health insurance exchanges is lackluster. Several states opted to operate their own health insurance exchanges, which gave them more control over their respective insurance markets, but others decided to allow the federal government to build and manage these exchanges. The study shows that enrollment in state-run exchanges has been falling, while enrollment in federal exchanges has managed to increase. Study highlights a 12% decrease in…

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Thousands could lose their health insurance due to website glitches

Federal Health Insurance Exchange website problems

Many people are in danger of losing their insurance coverage because of information discrepancies Thousands of consumers throughout the U.S. are at risk of losing their health insurance coverage due to discrepancies with the information they provided to insurance exchanges. The federal Department of Health and Human Services has been working with many people to ensure that this does not happen, but ongoing problems with state-based exchanges may be making the issue more problematic than it already is. is unable to handle consumer information Many of those that have…

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Health insurance prices are falling in Arkansas

Health Insurance rates and care

Policies sold through state’s insurance exchange may be less expensive next year Health insurance premiums for policies sold through state-based exchanges are expected to rise in many parts of the U.S. next year. New regulations and insurers adapting to the provisions of the Affordable Care Act are part of the reason behind growing premiums. In Arkansas, insurance premiums for policies sold through the Arkansas Healthcare Insurance Marketplace are not expected to rise. Coverage sold through the exchange next year is likely to have lower premiums than policies that went into…

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Health care reform in Massachusetts will keep its current exchange website

Massachusetts health Insurance

The state had been considering joining the federal site, but officials have announced that they are keeping their own. An announcement made by health care reform officials in Massachusetts has now revealed that the state will be keeping its own insurance exchange website as opposed to joining the federal marketplace. A new software system has now been adapted for the state by the hCentive tech firm. The hCentive software system has already successfully passed its testing and reviews with the U.S. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. This…

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More health care reform headed to Indiana

Indiana insurance industry

Individuals in the state who purchase plans from the exchange will see different offerings and prices next year. People living in Indiana who use the federal exchange to purchase their plans will be seeing a new round of health care reform that will bring changes to the plan offerings and the prices that will be available next year. Insurance companies in the state have been filing for a broad range of changes with potential advantages. The filings that have been made with the Indiana Department of insurance have already been…

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