Health insurance exchange enrollment is nowhere near predictions

health insurance exchange

In fact, current statistics show that participation is less than half of what it was expected to be by now. Health insurance exchange enrollment is currently less than half of initial predictions. The lack of participation in the health care law as predicted has caused these marketplaces to undergo a considerable shift. Several major insurers have stopped selling their health plans due to the expense associated with them. Recent Kaiser Family Foundation forecasts indicate that consumers will have far less choice next year. Health reform analyst from the Kaiser Family…

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Health insurance gap for Asian Americans is the White House’s latest target

asian american man health insurance gap

This will be a week of action to try to encourage this community to purchase medical coverage. There has been a notable health insurance gap in the enrollment of Asian Americans as well as those of Pacific Island descent, which has existed since open enrollment first began through the Affordable Care Act in 2013. The White House is hoping to use this week to speak to this ethnic community and provide coverage education. Since the beginning of the Affordable Care Act’s open enrollment period in 2013, the number of people…

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Arkansas health insurance backlog creates issue with children’s coverage

Children arkansas health insurance

Some parents in the state are struggling to obtain the plans they need to make sure their kids are covered. Parents are feeling a substantial headache from an Arkansas health insurance backlog that is making it difficult for them to be able to buy a plan that will cover their kids. Hundreds of thousands of people in the state are now sitting on a waiting list for their coverage approval. The waiting list is the result of a backlog with the Arkansas health insurance options such as ARKids, Medicaid, and…

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Affordable Care Act could struggle due to insurance policy cancellations

affordable care act

Some customers have decided that they can’t afford subsidized coverage and are letting it expire. The new open health insurance enrollment period will be beginning under the Affordable Care Act on November 1, and while this means that campaigns are soon going to launch in full force to encourage the remaining 10.5 million eligible uninsured people to purchase coverage, dropouts are working against that effort. The insurance exchanges are now needing to focus on keeping their current customers as well as attracting new ones. This is a new trend since…

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Healthcare reform experts recommend double checking health insurance status

health care reform news

Now that is repaired, consumers who previously purchased plans are urged to verify enrollment. The White House has now declared the federal health insurance exchange to be fully up and running, but is also recommending that individuals who enrolled in this part of the healthcare reform ahead of the fixes, should check to ensure that they truly do have the coverage they believe that they purchased. Those who enrolled online through the exchange while the errors are still present may not be enrolled after all. Although the largest public…

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