Gap insurance is on its way back

gap insurance

This additional coverage is gaining popularity among people with high deductible health plans. Before the Affordable Care Act, gap insurance plans had been quite commonplace. However, after the health insurance exchanges opened for business, it looked as though those additional plans were fading away. At the moment, it looks as though those gap plans are starting to make quite the comeback. As the premiums for insurance plans continue to rise, more people are looking to save money by choosing cheaper coverage. They are opting for high deductible health insurance in…

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Health insurance deductibles are on the rise in the United States

cash money subsidy health insurance deductibles

Consumers are facing higher deductibles for their health care plans More people than ever before have been able to acquire health insurance coverage, particularly through exchange marketplaces, but they are beginning to encounter a problem they may not have expected: Growing deductibles. Deductibles for employer-sponsored coverage have grown by 67% since 2010, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation. HealthPocket, a health plan comparison site, shows that the average deductible for the least expensive coverage available through exchanges stands at $5,700 for 2016. Deductibles are higher for policies with low premiums…

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Employer-sponsored health insurance is becoming more expensive

covered care open enrollment

New report finds that workers in the US are paying more for their insurance coverage The Commonwealth Fund has released a new report that has found that the rate of growth in health insurance costs for employer-sponsored coverage has grown significantly since 2010. While the Affordable Care Act has helped mitigate the rate at which insurance premiums and costs have grown, it may not have provided significant financial benefit for individuals receiving coverage through their employers. As such, employer-sponsored insurance coverage is becoming more expensive for workers. Premiums are growing,…

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Homeowners Insurance: Deductibles Debunked

Homeowners Insurance

When it comes to purchasing homeowners insurance, choosing the right deductible for your home may be a tricky decision. There are many different types of deductibles and it is easy to get confused by the amount of options available to you. If you are stressing out over picking the right deductible for you, then this article will explain the different terms you may come across when making this vital decision. Percentage Deductible Quite often, a property’s deductible is calculated not by its dollar value, but by a percentage value. The…

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Homeowners insurance policy details will likely change due to Sandy

Homeowners flood Insurance

Many people may find that their premiums and their deductibles will rise because of the superstorm. The northeastern states were slammed by superstorm Sandy, generating a tremendous number of homeowners insurance claims, and have led experts in Delaware to predict that this will generate a number of changes to customer policies, including to the premiums they pay and the deductibles they face. The direct impact of the storm was only the first stage in the damage that it caused. Even though the damage faced by residents of Delaware led to…

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