Dental insurance ransomware hack exposes 9 million patient accounts

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Managed Care of North America Dental provides government-sponsored plans for children and seniors. One of the largest dental insurance providers in the United States has suffered an apparent ransomware attack, compromising the personal information of nearly nine million people in the country. The insurer posted a notice saying that it had become aware of unauthorized activity on its computer system. Managed Care of North America (MCNA) Dental calls itself the largest dental insurer in the US for government-sponsored plans providing coverage for seniors and children. It recently posted a notice…

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Insurance news made as animal activists hack insurer and steal financial data

Insurance news Badger activists

In another effort to protest the badger culls in the U.K., a group has claimed to have accomplished a cyberattack. The latest insurance news is surrounding an unlikely event which came about when animal rights activists announced their claim that they have been able to hack into the systems of an insurer that is linked to the National Farmers Union (NFU) so that they could steal the financial data of supporters of the badger culls. The activists say that they were able to break into the NFU Mutual systems and…

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Insurance news about Nationwide’s management of the security breach is covered up

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The massive insurer’s lawyers are being used to protect the details of the occurrence last October. Nationwide is currently doing its best to try to keep its insurance news as small as possible, regarding the investigations into the security breach that occurred last October, which exposed the information of 1.1 million Americans. The insurer is taking considerable efforts, through the use of a law firm, to protect the secrecy of the issue. Both state and federal investigators are currently looking into this insurance news, in order to better understand precisely…

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