Crop insurance claims provide little help to some Maine apple growers

Crop insurance - Person Collecting Apples from Tree

As the harvest season comes to a close, growers have been hit by a massive 50 percent loss. Right after the end of the harvest season, Maine apple growers started filing their crop insurance claims to help cover the losses they experienced during this difficult growing year. Adjusters from their insurers have been visiting the orchards to verify that the facts are as reported. The issue leading to the crop insurance claims occurred back in late May when a snap freeze annihilated the apple blossoms on trees that were just…

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Importance of crop insurance highlighted at the 26th Annual Corn Growers Association meeting

As farmers from all over the country convened over the weekend to attend the 26th Annual Corn Growers Association in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, crop insurance was on everyone’s mind. With 2011 being recognized as a record breaking year in terms of natural disasters, and the persistent problems spawned from a turbulent climate, farmers throughout the country have been facing significant difficulties with keeping their crops alive. As crops are lost, farmers lose their ability to make a living. Most farmers receive money from the government, but this money is…

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