Auto liability insurance minimum is the focus in West Virginia

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The state is mulling over a potential increase in the lowest possible amount of coverage. In West Virginia, approximately 15 percent of vehicle owners are carriers of the minimum allowable amount of auto liability insurance, said the commissioner in the state when speaking to a legislative interim committee. Mike Riley spoke to the committee on Tuesday, using the results of a survey of the largest carriers in the state. Commissioner Mike Riley spoke based on a survey that was conducted on the four largest auto liability insurance carriers in West…

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Treasury Department wants real life insurance professionals for new committee

The U.S. Treasury Department announced today the creation of a new advisory committee on insurance. The committee will be made up of state regulators and industry officials from all over the country. The Department has issued several notices throughout the U.S. inviting those interested in a position within the committee to apply with the Federal Registrar. The committee is being formed to help the federal government better understand the ramifications of changes made to the existing industry in the country. The plan has garnered support from some of the nation’s…

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