Health insurance hits legislative turmoil in New Hampshire

New Hampshire Health Insurance

New Hampshire lawmakers remain divided on health insurance overhaul Health insurance plans in New Hampshire have been meeting some legislative problems recently. The state is tasked with complying with the Affordable Care Act, which has been somewhat of a difficult challenge due to the clashes that the federal law has with the state’s laws. This week, House and Senate negotiators have drafted a new bill that aims to replace an original legislation concerning the state’s role in the health insurance market. New bill seeks to attribute more regulatory authority to…

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Health insurance awareness becomes top priority in New Hampshire

Health insurance exchange awareness

New Hampshire officials set sights on raising awareness concerning health insurance In the U.S., the Affordable Care Act is inching closure to becoming fully enacted. The federal law has faced down staunch opposition since it was passed in 2010. Though many states still oppose the federal law, especially when it comes to the law’s health insurance provisions, those states are now feeling the pressure to comply with the provisions of the Affordable Care Act. In New Hampshire, spreading awareness of how the law will impact the state and its health…

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