Pennsylvania health insurance exchange may just be wishful thinking

Pennsylvania Health Insurance

Pennsylvania health insurance exchange may not make federal deadline Pennsylvania has been slow to warm to the concept of the Affordable Care Act. The federal health care law has been steeped in controversy for the past two years, after having been passed in 2010. The federal government had anticipated that some of this controversy would diminish due to the Supreme Court upholding the law earlier this year, but this has not happened. Now, Pennsylvania is expected to miss a federal deadline laid out by the health care law concerning the…

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Senator Casey appeals to PA Insurance Commissioner Consedine for better sinkhole damage coverage for homeowners

United States Senator Bob Casey (D-PA), has addressed Insurance Commissioner Michael Consedine, of Pennsylvania, and has asked for assistance for homeowners in covering themselves against the devastation that can be caused by sinkholes. What Senator Casey has called for is the help of the insurance industry to make homeowners more aware of what overage they have to protect them against the cost of sinkhole damages in the event that one should occur. In order to make this request, Senator Casey sent a letter to Commissioner Consedine, which said that all…

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Pennsylvania Insurance Commissioner asserts the importance of a state-run insurance exchange

Pennsylvania’s Department of Insurance is urging lawmakers to pass laws concerning the building of a health insurance exchange. The department has begun noting the benefits of such a program, claiming that it will help residents find affordable coverage and help bring more competition to the state’s insurance market. The advocacy from the department comes at the end of a lengthy study conducted by regulators and state legislators concerning the benefits of an exchange program. Insurance Commissioner Michael Consedine, backed by Governor Tom Chorbett, made use of a $1 million government…

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