Arkansas Insurance Commissioner advocates expansion of Medicaid program

Arkansas Insurance Commissioner Jay Bradford - Health insurance

Arkansas health insurance could be affected by expansion of Medicaid Arkansas Insurance Commissioner Jay Bradford has begun touring the state in order to promote the expansion of the state’s Medicaid program. The state’s Legislature is set to vote on a bill on February 1 that will provide the necessary funding for health care initiatives. According to Commissioner Bradford, expanding the state’s Medicaid program should be a top priority for legislators that are concerned about health care and the availability of health insurance in Arkansas. Bradford works to make information more…

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Health exchange sees serious challenges in Arkansas for 2012

Insurance Commissioner Jay Bradford, the lead insurance official in Arkansas, has said that he will “go down fighting” in support of the establishment of insurance exchanges within the state under the newly overhauled federal healthcare program. It has started to look as though great – possibly insurmountable – odds are building against Bradford, but he has insisted that he has not given up on the chance to put the exchanges into place. He also indicated that he may begin a new push in February when the new fiscal season has…

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