Insurance news takes off with class action climate change lawsuit against government

insurance news climate change lawsuit

Farmers has now filed nine different suits against local Chicago area governments. The latest insurance news is now showing that in April, Farmers Insurance Co. had filed nine separate class action lawsuits regarding the impact of climate change within the Chicago area. These lawsuits have been filed against local governments within the area of that city. The argument being made by Farmers in this insurance news is that those local Chicago area governments were perfectly aware of the impact of climate change and that it is bringing heavier rainfalls to…

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Florida consumers filed class-action lawsuit against Citizens Property Insurance

As Florida’s Citizens Property Insurance continues… to struggle beneath the crushing weight of debt, the state-run company’s policyholders are mobilizing for a massive lawsuit against the company. Consumers have filed a class-action lawsuit against the company this week in Tallahassee, Florida. Consumers are joined by Senator Mike Fasano, who believes that the company has been too bullish in its implementation of rate hikes. This is the same issue being brought to light by the lawsuit. Consumers claim that the company is overestimating the value of homes and thus driving up…

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Louisiana Supreme Court reinstates suit against states Citizens Property Insurance group

The Louisiana Supreme Court has voted to reinstate a $92.8 million suit against the state’s Citizens Property Insurance Corp. this week. The suit originated in early 2006 and claims that the state-run insurance organization was intentionally slow in adjusting insurance claims resulting from Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. The 24th Judicial District Court had awarded some 18,000 homeowners with roughly $5,000 after hearing the case. The action, however, violated state law and put the suit on hold for some time. The ruling has found a staunch enemy in the state’s Insurance…

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