Insurance CEOs are getting paid more in wake of health care reform

health care reform insurance ceo pay

Insurance executives may be the ones benefiting most from the Affordable Care Act Chief executive officers from some of the largest health insurance companies in the U.S. have seen their pay skyrocket recently. The steep increase in pay CEOs have been seeing is, somewhat ironically, due to the Affordable Care Act. This is ironic because the insurance companies benefiting from this trend have actually been quite outspoken with their opposition of the federal health care reform law. This issue may go a long way in highlighting just how important political…

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Insurance market has appointed its first female CEO

Inside Look at Lloyds of London Office insurance market

Lloyds of London has announced that Inga Beale will be taking the new top spot after Ward steps down. The giant insurance market, Lloyd’s of London has just announced the appointment of the first female chief executive in the history of the company, who will be replacing the current CEO who had announced in July that he would be stepping down from that position. The position of CEO will be taken on by Inga Beale in January 2014, according to a statement from the company. Ahead of her appointment to…

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Insurance news from Louisiana shows Citizens chief will not receive $50K raise

Insurance Commissioner Jim Donelon - Insurance News

Jim Donelon, the commissioner for the state, has rejected the pay increase for the company’s top exec. The CEO of Louisiana Citizens Property Insurance Corp., Richard Robertson, made insurance news when his pay raise of $50,000 was rejected by the state’s commissioner, Jim Donelon. The commissioner said that this is the wrong time for the raise, though the CEO’s work was praised. Commissioner Donelon said that Robertson has done good work as the CEO of the state-run property insurer, but that the timing of this salary increase was inappropriate. Donelon…

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