Canadian Uber drivers may need to check their auto insurance policies

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Insurance Bureau of Canada wants Uber drivers to make sure they are properly insured The Insurance Bureau of Canada is advising drivers that work for ride-share company Uber to check their auto insurance policies. The agency suggests that drivers should ensure that their insurance policies provide coverage for their vehicles that are being used for commercial purposes. In most cases, however, conventional policies do not provide commercial coverage for most drivers, as these policies only provide coverage for vehicles being used for personal purposes. As such, they may be exposed…

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Auto insurance rates continue to rise in Ontario

Toronto Ontario Canada Auto Insurance News

Despite government efforts, premiums are on the rise in Ontario Auto insurance premiums in Ontario, Canada, continue to rise, despite promises being made by the government. In April of this year, the government had announced that insurance rates were down by 0.95% during the first quarter of the year, which is a far cry from the average 15% reduction that it had promised to achieve by next month. In Ontario, premiums continue to rise, and government action may not be enough to mitigate the issue. Several companies seek to raise…

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Auto insurance question raised about Uber coverage in Toronto

Toronto Canada Auto ride share Insurance Discounts

The ride share company may not be providing adequate protection to its drivers to operate in the Canadian city. The Insurance Bureau of Canada has released a statement that has said that it is concerned that Uber, a ride share company in the country, is not providing its drivers with the auto insurance coverage that is required for them to be adequately protected for operations on the roads of Toronto. Uber Canada has assured the public that its drivers are providing the safest transportation experience in the city. In Toronto,…

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Insurance industry in Canada sends warning to Uber

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The ride share program is entering into more cities, but standard auto coverage may not be enough. The top regulator in the Canadian insurance industry has now issued a warning to the popular ride share program, Uber, to warn the company, its drivers, and its customers that personal auto insurance will not be adequate for their purposes. The Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) has cautioned that personal auto won’t provide the needed coverage. The warning from this national insurance industry association has said that if an Uber driver is involved…

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Insurance claims pouring in with Arthur rains

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The Atlantic coast of Canada was pummeled with heavy downpours and high winds from the post-tropical storm. The insurance claims are already beginning to be filed in waves that were nearly as heavy as those off the coast following the rampage from post-tropical storm Arthur as it made its way through the Canadian Maritimes. Agents are asking residents of the affected provinces to please be patient and review to their policy coverage. The majority of homeowners insurance policies do cover wind damage, which does not fall under the definition of…

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Insurance news in Canada shows criticism of insurer influence

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The IBC has responded by rejecting any accusations of having a “steering” policy. The Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) has found itself in the insurance news spotlight, as it faces criticism suggesting that insurers are steering their policyholders toward certain specific body shops in order to be able to have their vehicles repaired following a collision. Those accusations are being outright dismissed by the IBC, saying that they are untrue. The IBC’s vice president, Atlantic, Amanda Dean released an insurance news statement that said that insurers do not have “steering”…

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Auto insurance fraud gets more attention in Ontario

insurance fraud

Insurance Bureau of Canada wants more action to be taken on the problem of insurance fraud Auto insurance fraud is on the rise in Ontario, Canada, and some insurers believe that relatively little is being done to resolve the issue. The Insurance Bureau of Canada is beginning to urge the provincial government to take action on the issue with the re-introduction of legislation that is meant to specifically combat insurance fraud. The legislation is known as the Fighting Fraud and Reducing Automobile Insurance Rates Act and insurers believe that it…

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