Those with bad credit pay more for homeowners insurance

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Study highlights the financial disparity between those with poor credit and those with good credit A new study from shows that credit score is having a major impact on the out-of-pockets costs of homeowners insurance in Alabama. Credit is one of the foundational tools that the insurance industry uses to assess risks in any given market. Credit is a gauge of financial risk, allowing the financial service industry to properly assess liability in any given scenario. Poor credit represents a significant risk, which is why those with a low…

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Insurance and Credit

Insurance and credit

Credit is sometimes a controversial subject that few people really understand. For those familiar with the financial service industry, credit is a simple matter, but not everyone is familiar. For most, credit means nothing more than credit score, a seemingly arbitrary rating of a person’s financial value. Credit is somewhat more complex than that, however, especially when it comes to the insurance industry and a company’s willingness to take on financial risks. A credit score is a gauge of a person’s overall financial risk. A low credit score means that…

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