Insurance industry may be woefully unprepared for climate change

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Survey finds that majority of US insurers are not prepared to deal with climate risks Ceres, an environmental investor advocacy group, has released the results of a new survey it has conducted in the insurance industry. According to the survey, the majority of U.S. insurance companies are woefully unprepared to handle the risks associated with climate change. While many insurers have been relatively cavalier with their claims that not enough is being done to mitigate climate change, several companies have done little to prepare themselves for future environmental risks. 10%…

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The Insurance Industry and Climate Change

Climate Change Insurance agents Industry

Insurers are taking steps to address climate change When it comes to climate change, insurance can be a tricky subject. The global insurance industry does not typically deal in “what ifs” and many large insurers are not willing to debate whether or not climate change is real. These insurers are more apt to address the issue of climate change by offering new insurance products and finding ways to mitigate the risks associated with the phenomenon. Powerful storms, rising temperatures, and depleting food and water resources are becoming issues that the…

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Climate change highlighted as extreme concern by Lloyd’s of London

Green Insurance

Insurance organization attends Rio+20 to note the threat of climate change The global insurance industry is beginning to take climate change more seriously. As large insurance corporations begin to see the effects of a changing climate taking place, they are looking to draw more attention to the possible consequences of slow action to mitigate the phenomenon. Lloyd’s of London, one of the world’s largest insurance organizations, attended this year’s Rio+20 conference. The conference, hosted by the United Nations, sought to promote cooperation amongst world leaders for the sake of sustainability…

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