Zenefits under investigation by California insurance regulators

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The software company has now had its business practices called into question and officials will be examining them. Zenefits, a software company, is now facing an investigation by California insurance department officials, as the firm’s business practices have been called into question. The California Department of Insurance released a statement with regards to the investigation that launched last year. While the California insurance officials have only just recently announced that they are looking into Zenefits and the way it conducts its business, it also stated that its efforts started back…

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Is China’s industry ready for the insurance agents influx?

China Health Insurance agents

Some wonder if such a large amount of hiring is heightening the risk of mis-selling problems. As the number of insurers takes off in China – particularly as the country has opened its doors to providers from other countries – has been taking off and this has caused the need for insurance agents to skyrocket. The glut of hiring that has been occurring in the country is fantastic for people who want to work in the insurance industry. That said, there are some experts in the industry who are forecasting…

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With new media outlets comes new approaches for insurance education

It has been proven by Web sites like LinkedIn and Facebook that new media is great at building a community. It is for that reason that long-time insurance educators Laurie Infantino, Marjorie Segale, and Tom Jackson have partnered together to develop a resource where insurance industry professionals can get the answers they have been looking for, secure continuing educating credits, learn about insurance, and share resources in an online community setting. Insurance Community Center, The creation of Laurie, Marjorie, and Tom, is divided into two distinct parts. There is the…

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