Mobile technology offers insurance agents crucial resources

insurance agent mobile technology

There are certain gadgets and sites that professionals in this industry simply can’t afford to miss. While virtually any insurance agent will agree that face to face interaction remains a vital component of the way they do business, at the same time, it can’t be denied that mobile technology gadgets are also playing a role that cannot be ignored. Personalized interaction is critical when doing business with clients, but mobile tech keeps agents ever connected. The way that insurance agents do business has undergone a massive shift over the last…

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Experts announce 4 important actions for agents to prevent E&O claims

Experts in the insurance industry have released a list of 4 important actions for agents to take in order to help them avoid errors and omissions (E&O) claims. E&O claims are one of the banes of the existence of insurers. They are time consuming and costly. Most commonly, they result from times when an insurance agent becomes drawn into a dispute going on between the insured and the policy holder. Should a lawsuit ensue, the agents are often named among those who are at fault. For this reason, experts in…

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