First mobile units with insurance adjusters head to Fort McMurray, Canada

Fort McMurray wildfire insurance adjusters

As the wildfire that has eaten much of the city begins to move in a new direction, insurers are sending in teams. On Sunday, the massive wildfire nicknamed “the beast” started to stabilize after causing catastrophic devastation in the Canadian city of Fort McMurray, and insurance adjusters are now being deployed in mobile response units being flown in from across the country. This will be the initial wave of experts who will start to assess the widespread damage to Fort McMurray. The majority of insurers have natural disaster and crisis…

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Hurricane Sandy victims suffer long wait for insurance adjusters

Hurricane Sandy Damage flood Insurance surcharge

Hurricane Sandy brings significant delays to claims processing Hurricane Sandy may be gone, but its impact is expected to be felt well into the future. Homeowners affected by the powerful storm have been struggling with their insurance providers. Insurance adjusters were deployed ahead of the storm to help manage claims and make sure everything was processed in a quick and efficient manner. Unfortunately, Hurricane Sandy has proven to be more problematic than insurers had previously expected. Insurance adjusters are now telling victims that it could take more than two weeks…

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