Health insurance with vision care leads to better results

health insurance - eye care

Research has shown that the overall wellbeing of eyes is improved with additional coverage. The results of recent research have now been released, and they have revealed that adults who do not have vision coverage as a part of their health insurance may suffer irreparable damage to their eyesight. The study argues that eye coverage should be a required element of standard medical policies. What the researchers determined was that individuals between the ages of 40 and 65 years old and who are covered with health insurance that includes vision…

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Insurance fraud against commercial policyholders jumps by 12 percent

insurance fraud

Research shows that smaller retailers are often targets of insurance slip-and-fall scams. Slip-and-fall claims, that is, the form of insurance fraud where individuals create their own staged dangerous situation so that they can fake falling down and hurting themselves in order to receive monetary compensation, are on the rise, and small businesses seem to be a main target. Though this form of accident can legitimately occur, scams are increasingly making insurance news. Businesses do need the coverage in order to protect themselves financially, as an innocent individual could slip and…

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