What Types of Insurance Do Storage Companies Need?

what insurance does storage companies want

Storage companies provide a valuable service to individuals and businesses alike, offering a safe and secure place to store belongings. However, like any business, storage companies are exposed to a variety of risks. From fires and floods to theft and vandalism, there are many things that can go wrong and damage the property stored in their facilities. That’s why it’s important for storage companies to have the right insurance in place. Insurance can help storage companies avoid losing money if something bad happens. By having the right insurance coverage, storage…

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New inland marine insurance line launches from Berkshire Hathaway

Marine Insurance

This has provided independent agents in this category with a new line of offerings for their customers. Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance (BHSI) has now announced that it has launched a complete new line of inland marine insurance products within the United States, which are meant to be a complement to its existing contractor’s builder’s risk and ocean cargo coverages. There are a range of different products that are being offered within this new line of insurance policies. Among the types of coverage in this new inland marine insurance line are:…

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Cargo theft is are out of control and costing companies millions

The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) released its latest report on cargo theft for last year. They show more than 740 cargo thefts across the U.S. valued at more than 171 million dollars. Topping the chart for the states with the highest amount of thefts is California. Any time that merchandise is in transport from the shipper to its destination; regardless of transport method, it is considered as cargo. Most thefts occur mainly from truck or railcar mediums but thefts from air freight and goods in between transport modes are…

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