Pennsylvania workers compensation rates to be reduced

workers compensation insurance

The state will be slashing back these insurance rates by 5.99 percent, beginning with the start of April. Pennsylvania has announced that it will be reducing its rates for workers compensation by 5.99 percent, and that this new level will become effective as of April 1, in a decision that is hoped to provide businesses with a considerable savings. In fact, the Wolf administration has said that the savings to businesses has been estimated at $140 million. The governor of Pennsylvania, Tom Wolf, explained that “These rate reductions will go…

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Workers compensation marketplace in Florida retails solid standing

Workers Compensation Insurance

The state’s insurance for injured employees remains strong despite weakness in other parts of the country. The annual report providing data on the condition of the workers compensation insurance marketplace in Florida has now been released, and it has shown that the market in that state is still holding strong and is maintaining its competitive status. This report was initially released on Wednesday to provide insight into this marketplace. It was issued by the Office of Insurance Regulation in the state. That office pointed out that the premiums that employers…

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New report shows cost of workers’ compensation dropped during global economic crisis

In 2009, at the start of the global economic crisis, there was a decrease of 4.4 percent in the number of employees who had workers’ compensation coverage. According to a National Academy of Social Insurance report, this drop was the largest in twenty years. The result was that the cost to employers for providing the benefits decreased by 7.6 percent, reaching $73.9 billion that year; which is the most recent year with complete data. This drop closely mirrors the overall decline in employment in the country. According to the chair…

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NFL lawsuit brings controversy to California workers’ compensation laws

A California labor law that has been drawing an extreme number of former pro football player workers’ compensation claims has been targeted by a Republican member within the California State Legislature, who seeks a complete overhaul. The leading Republican member in question, Curt Hagman (R-Chino Hills), is on the Assembly Committee on Insurance, and stated that the current framework for worker’s compensation within California is “outrageous”, in that it permits former professional athletes without any real tie to the state to make long-term injury claims within it. The reason for…

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