More are gaining health insurance in Indiana

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Number of uninsured people in Indiana is dropping quickly A growing number of people are gaining health insurance coverage in Indiana. This year, Governor Mike Pence expanded the state’s Medicaid program. Through this expansion, a greater demographic of people are eligible for coverage through the program. Governor Pence decided to take a different approach to expanding the Medicaid program than what was outlined through the Affordable Care Act. Pence believes that his approach will make the state’s Medicaid program more accommodating of the needs of consumers. Indiana University Health finds…

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New insurance industry group could be good for Indiana

Indiana insurance industry

Insurers team with education and economic organizations to form new industry group Specialty insurance companies in Indiana have partnered with education and economic organizations to form Northeast Indiana Specialty Insurers (NISI). The new organization aims to promote talent development, marketing, and advocate new opportunities within the regional insurance industry. The group was formed because of the high concentration of insurance workers in the region. This high concentration can make it difficult for individuals and organizations to take advantage of new opportunities, and some may lack the skills or experience needed…

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Health insurance for same sex couples in Indiana causing confusion

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Since a judge struck down the unconstitutional ban on gay marriage on Wednesday, hundreds have been married. While those hundreds of new same sex couples have been legally married in Indiana, they still face some confusion regarding health insurance benefits, as the state continues to await the decision regarding Attorney General Greg Zoeller’s filing for a stay. Until that decision is made these newlyweds don’t know whether their health benefits cover each other. At the moment, there does not appear to be any clear answer to whether or not the…

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Auto insurance electronic proof is on its way to Indiana

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The state is to become the next to accept digital copies of the card, to be displayed on smartphones. Drivers in Indiana are about to gain the ability to prove that they have auto insurance by displaying a digital copy of the card on the screen of their smartphones, now that a new bill has passed. The regulation will become effective as of July 1, 2013, and will make mobile devices into a perfectly allowable format. This use of smartphones as a way to prove that auto insurance exists represents…

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Indiana homeowners now have access to home value protection insurance

For the first time, Indiana homeowners will be able to purchase a form of insurance that protects them from losses in their home value due to shifts in the housing marketplace. This Home Value Protection insurance is available in Indiana as of this week and is the only form of American policy that helps to reduce the risk of homeownership due to swings in the housing market. Homeowners who purchase this policy will have the peace of mind of knowing that the market value of their largest financial asset is…

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Catastrophic tornados trample the South and Midwest, claiming 33 lives

An outbreak of deadly and devastating tornadoes wrought havoc in many Southern and Midwest states over the weekend. The disasters began on Friday last week. The tornadoes struck a major blow to four states: Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio and Alabama. The people in these states had little warning of the storms, which manifested at an alarmingly fast pace. The tornadoes quickly grew in intensity and caused a significant amount of damage to everything in their path. When the winds finally calmed after hours of fury, approximately 33 people were found dead.…

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Indiana to lose five different health insurers

Five individual health insurance companies, including two of the largest in the country, have chosen to stop selling their policies in Indiana, leading the Indiana Department of Insurance to ask that certain elements of the reform law of 2010 be phased in. The third and fifth largest health insurance companies in the United States, Aetna Inc., from Hartford, and Cigna Corp., from Philadelphia, have decided that they will no longer be taking part in the market for individual health insurance in Indiana. Moreover, American Community Mutual Insurance Co., from Michigan,…

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