Top Tips on Getting the Perfect Income Protection Policy for You

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What happens if you’re injured at work? You might not be able to pay your bills. While you could live off of your savings, that savings will only take you so far, and what if you don’t have any savings? This is where an income protection policy comes into play. Income protection policies, sometimes referred to as “disability policies,” pays you money when you are unable to work due to an illness or injury. Here’s how to compare policies so you get the most for your money: Analyse The Cost…

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New subsidy for farmers has backing from lawmakers in the farm states

Lawmakers in the farm states are making efforts to form a brand new type of subsidy that would provide farmers with protection when they face a drop in revenue. This program is unprecedented and would provide farmers with billions of dollars in future support to farmers who are currently experiencing record breaking high prices for their crops. This free insurance subsidy would give farmers with the coverage they need for “shallow crop losses” that are incurred before their paid insurance policies become effective and has the support of soybean and…

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