Illinois releases information on health insurance exchange

Health Insurance Illinois

Data released concerning state health insurance exchange Open enrollment for health insurance exchanges throughout the U.S. is about to begin and more states are beginning to release information concerning the policies sold through these exchanges. Illinois is among the latest states to provide new information for its health insurance exchange. The information primarily focuses on the premiums associated with the state’s exchange but also highlights the various services offered by the system and promotes awareness concerning the availability of federal subsidies designed to offset the cost of coverage. Rates to…

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Illinois health insurance companies seek to circumvent federal law

health insurance companies profits

Acts of health insurance providers create drama with state regulators Drama has erupted in the insurance industry in Illinois. The state’s Department of Insurance has taken issue with an action that many of the state’s largest health insurance providers plan to take in order to avoid federal reforms for an entire year. Per the Affordable Care Act, insurers will not be able to charge higher rates for women, those with pre-existing conditions, and other demographics beginning January 1, 2014. In an attempt to sidestep these new regulations, many of the…

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Illinois sets sights on health insurance co-op

Illinois Health Insurance Exchange

Illinois announces plans for health insurance co-op As the Affordable Care Act inches closer to becoming fully enacted in 2014, states are making moves on the health insurance exchanges that the law requires them to host. These health insurance exchange systems are meant to be online marketplaces where consumers can find affordable health insurance policies. Several states have chosen not to build or operate their own insurance exchange but others, such as Illinois, have been considering a somewhat less popular approach to the issue. Co-op could be a decent alternative…

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