4 Insurance Policies Everyone Should Have But Go Without

Insurance policies

The only sure thing in life is that it can be unpredictable. Accidents or illness can strike at any time. Guarding your home and future should be a necessity in any household budget. Although many people don’t think that insurance is necessary, when the unthinkable happens it is good to be protected. Even the most unlikely scenarios like being a victim of a home invasion can happen to anyone at any time. If you are injured and can no longer work it can be devastating financially, emotionally and physically. Having…

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Cyber insurance is becoming more important for businesses

Cyber Insurance Coverage

Fallout from major data breach at Anthem highlights the need for cyber insurance Following the major cyber attack against health insurance provider Anthem, numerous insurers are beginning to promote cyber insurance. Last week, Anthem confirmed that it was the victim of a major data breach, wherein hackers stole personal information concerning the company’s clients from its databases. Anthem noted that no financial information was compromised by the attack, but more insurers are beginning to stress the importance of adequate cyber insurance protection. Oklahoma Insurance Commissioner is promoting digital protection In…

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Identity theft insurance recommended for some Anthem customers

Identity Theft insurance

After the huge cyber attack that caused a data breach at the insurer, agents are recommending protection. At the end of last week, Anthem revealed that it had experienced a massive cyber attack in which up to 80 million customers may have had their sensitive information compromised, and now agents are recommending that identity theft insurance be purchased in order to protect against the type of damage that those cyber criminals could potentially inflict. The customers whose data was exposed in the hack could have their ID stolen, which could…

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Businesses need more than cyber insurance

identity theft cyber insurance

The world is becoming more integrated with technology and this is beginning to change the way the insurance business works. With businesses beginning to enter into the digital space in order to more effectively engage consumers, the need to protect themselves from cyber attacks is beginning to increase. Many businesses to not take the steps necessary to protect themselves from digital threats, so insurers are beginning to serve as a safety net, but even the insurance industry cannot protect companies from every threat in the digital world. The digital risks…

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What are the Benefits of Identity Theft Insurance?

Identity Theft Insurance

Why should I get identity theft insurance? While others say that a subscription to credit monitoring is way better than having identity theft insurance, they obviously haven’t looked at the perks and the importance of identity theft insurance.  Credit monitoring should be taken for its literal meaning.  The word really stands for what it does.  But after finding out that your identity has been stolen, you are primarily liable for clearing up the charges on your credit card.  Yes, of course, your name can be cleared, but just think about…

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