Insurance news from Nationwide underscores corporate liability risk

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The computer breach faced by the insurer highlights the chance of exposure from cybercrime. The insurance news that revealed a computer breach to Nationwide’s systems that resulted in the exposure of 1.1 million individuals to identity fraud has underscored the type of cybercrime that businesses are now worried will cause them to face a growing number of civil court actions. The insurer first went public with the announcement of the cyber attack on November 5. However, the initial breach had occurred on October 3 and impacted by that company and…

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Personal identity theft protection tips following a breach of your account

The past few months have clearly demonstrated that no account – no matter the organization or security measures taken – is immune to access by a determine hacker, so it is important for everyone to know what they should do in order to protect themselves once an attack has occurred. Millions of Americans experience data breaches every year, increasing their risk of various types of fraud, such as identity theft and financial fraud, as their personally identifiable information (PII) may have been obtained by an unauthorized individual. Experts are recommending…

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