Idaho approves of digital proof of coverage for drivers

Proof of Auto Insurance

In under two years, vehicle owners in the state will be able to use digital proof of their policies. Starting in 2014, car owners in Idaho will be able to use their smartphones and other mobile devices in order to prove that they carry auto insurance. The Legislature in the state passed a law that would make it legal for real-time car coverage verification systems to be created so that it could be used by the courts, law enforcement, and the state departments of insurance and transportation. The new system…

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Allstate insurance ranks American cities for most and least likely to have an auto accident

Allstate Insurance has released its annual ranking of the best and the worst cities for traffic accidents… with Washington D.C. ranking as the city with the greatest likelihood of collisions, and Fort Collins, Colorado holding the distinction of having the lowest odds of a crash. In order to rank the cities, the insurer compared the frequency of auto collisions with the population of the city. This provided Allstate with the average driver’s odds of being in an accident. They also compared that likelihood with the average for the country. In…

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