Identity theft insurance recommended for some Anthem customers

Identity Theft insurance

After the huge cyber attack that caused a data breach at the insurer, agents are recommending protection. At the end of last week, Anthem revealed that it had experienced a massive cyber attack in which up to 80 million customers may have had their sensitive information compromised, and now agents are recommending that identity theft insurance be purchased in order to protect against the type of damage that those cyber criminals could potentially inflict. The customers whose data was exposed in the hack could have their ID stolen, which could…

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Personal identity theft protection tips following a breach of your account

The past few months have clearly demonstrated that no account – no matter the organization or security measures taken – is immune to access by a determine hacker, so it is important for everyone to know what they should do in order to protect themselves once an attack has occurred. Millions of Americans experience data breaches every year, increasing their risk of various types of fraud, such as identity theft and financial fraud, as their personally identifiable information (PII) may have been obtained by an unauthorized individual. Experts are recommending…

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The Beazley Group branches out into crime insurance market

The Beazley Group, a specialist risk insurance and reinsurance company, has announced that they will be expanding into the fidelity and crime insurance market. The insurer is striving to strengthen its presence in this particular market in the U.S. Aiming to broaden the scope of buyer choice within the market, Beazley has assembled a team they believe is capable of driving their aim. The group will establish limits of $25 million for coverage for both financial and non-profit organizations. Bill Jennings, among the most experienced underwriters available, has signed on…

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