Homeowners insurance costs will soon rise to pay for rough winter

homeowners insurance information institute winter snow ice

After a particularly damaging season, the cost of ice dams and water damage is about to affect premiums. In Massachusetts, homeowners insurance customers are about to start paying an average of 9 percent more in their premiums due to the impact of the damaging winter that was experienced throughout the state. The massive amount of snow and the exceptionally cold temperatures caused an abnormally large amount of damage. The extreme weather and large number of winter storms caused a notable rise in the number of homeowners insurance claims as well…

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Insurance companies are seeing rising claims following a rough winter

Winter Home Care insurance companies external battery charger

Insurers throughout the northeast are stating that they have a greater loss-report volume. From start to finish, this past winter was a treacherous and highly damaging one in the northeastern United States, and now that it has finally come to a close, insurance companies are starting to see another increase in claims from homeowners who are experiencing a new wave of discovered damages. As the snow and ice melt away, they are revealing the true extent of the destruction that they’ve left behind. So far, claims to insurance companies have…

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Boston area snow-related insurance claims continue to rise

Boston snow storm insurance news

There have already been a large number of filings, but more are expected as a result of ice dams. This winter hasn’t been an easy on for people living in Boston and the surrounding area, and insurance claims have been piling up as a result of damage from snow and collisions on slippery and narrowed roads. Everything from leaky roofs to car accidents that resulted from the weather have been keeping insurers busy. The insurance claims are only expected to rise as the weather-related damages are predicted to worsen over…

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