ICBC releases strangest insurance fraud cases of 2014

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The auto insurer had recommended that charges be laid against 100 people, last year, for a range of scams. The ICBC has now released a list of the oddest insurance fraud cases that its investigators were able to detect in 2014, which included everything from airbag evidence, failed impersonations, and even a conspiracy involving time travel. The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia has estimated that between 10 and 15 percent of its claims aren’t truthful. The data from the ICBC has stated that it feels that between 10 and 15…

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Auto insurance errors leads to over $36 million in refunds to Canadian drivers

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At an average of $18 per year after the wrong premiums had been applied, ICBC will be paying motorists back. According to a statement that was released by the ICBC auto insurance company in Canada, it had been charging the wrong premiums to motorists because inaccurate vehicle descriptions had been applied to the calculations. However, it has also announced that new software has been implemented that will prevent a repetition of this issue. In the meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of drivers in British Columbia will be receiving refunds on their…

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Auto insurance refund checks from ICBC delayed

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Canadian drivers in British Columbia will need to wait a little bit longer to receive their money. Although the checks were supposed to already have been mailed to auto insurance customers of ICBC in British Columbia, Canada, who had been found to be paying too much for their policies over the last few years, it seems that there has been a delay in the process. It has been discovered that the money hasn’t yet been sent out, after all, so customers will need to keep waiting. According to the staff…

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