Homeowners insurance companies help customers manage Sandy

Homeowners insurance fraud storm prevention and claims

Insurers want to make sure that policyholders know what to do after the storm. Although it is very common for homeowners insurance companies to issue statements to remind customers regarding things that they can do in order to help to prepare for upcoming storms, in the case of hurricane Sandy, they are also hoping to give policyholders some advance reminders about what they should do when the storm has passed. It is one thing to try to prevent the damage, but if it happens anyway, many customers feel lost. Pennsylvania…

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What should you know about making claims following a hurricane?

Following hurricane Irene, many people are wondering how to go about making insurance claims on their policies. There are several tips that are being made by the industry to help people to get the most out of their policies and to allow them to be processed with the greatest speed and ease. The first steps include the following: • Contact an insurance adjuster as soon as possible so that they can view the extent of the damage. • Once the agent has assessed the damage, you may begin preventing further…

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