Health insurance companies seek approval for merger in Florida

Florida health insurance

Large insurers intend to merge, but seek approval from Florida regulators Two of the largest health insurance companies in Florida are petitioning lawmakers to approve their merger. Aetna and Humana intend to join together, creating a larger insurance organization. The merger has generate some controversy, with consumer advocacy groups suggesting that the merger would lead to higher health insurance rates and fewer options for those that need coverage. These concerns have been shared by some lawmakers, who are convinced that the merger would be in the best interests of the…

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Largest health insurance acquisition ever of Humana by Aetna

Health Insurance company merger Aetna

This is the largest deal that the industry in the company has ever experienced, as the rivals combine. American health insurance company, Aetna Inc. has now announced that it will be purchasing its smaller competitor, as it enters into the largest industry deal that the country has ever seen. The purchase is being made for approximately $37 billion in cash and stock, according to initial reports. Once these two health insurance companies are joined, it will bring Aetna considerably closer to the second place position that is currently held by…

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Health insurance companies partner to examine medical costs

health Insurance company jobs

Rising medical costs encourage companies to come together to shed light on the issue Three of the largest health insurance organizations in the United States have agreed to come together for the sake of a new research initiative that is meant to help develop a digital tool that could shed some light on the costs of medical care. These costs have become a major issue for many people and businesses throughout the U.S. and are somewhat shrouded in mystery. It is no secret that medical costs have been on the…

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Entirety of Alabama to be covered by health insurance exchange

online health insurance technology exchange

Whole of Alabama could be covered by health insurance plans The entirety of Alabama is expected to be covered by the state’s health insurance exchange when it becomes operational at the beginning of 2014. The state’s exchange system is to be managed by the federal government, but state officials have been fielding proposals from health insurance companies concerning the policies that will be available through the exchange. Several of these insurers have come forward with expansive health insurance plans, with a few even offering to provide coverage to the entirety…

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Health insurance rates to soar in the US

Health Insurance rate increases

Humana CEO predicts higher health insurance rates for consumers Throughout the U.S., health insurance companies are issuing calls for consumers and businesses to prepare to pay higher rates for their coverage. Humana, one of the country’s leading health insurance companies, is the latest of these companies to become outspoken about the issue. According to Humana CEO Bruce Broussard, the implementation of the controversial Affordable Care Act will be a “bumpy road” for many and that consumers are the most likely to feel the effects that the health care law will…

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Siegel+Gale releases new insurance industry survey

Insurance industry is confusing for consumers

Complexity of insurance industry noted in new Siegel+Gale survey Insurance can be a complicated matter. While many insurers offer coverage that is somewhat straightforward in concept, the language used in policies can be profoundly confusing, even for those well versed in insurance legalese. Insurance policies are often worded in a particular manner so as to limit legal liability. While this protects the insurance industry from rampant and excessive lawsuits, it also ensures that many policies can only be deciphered by a lawyer. This is a real problem for consumers, according to…

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Three large health insurers decide to uphold health care reform provisions despite fate of Affordable Care Act

Florida Health Insurance

Insurers rally to support provisions of Affordable Care Act The future of health care reform currently resides in the hands of the Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court. The Court is expected to levy a judgment as to whether the Affordable Care Act is constitutional or not this month, which is expected to have a major impact on the state of the country’s health insurance industry and health care reform initiatives. Many consumers have expressed disdain for the law because of a provision concerning mandatory health insurance. The law holds…

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