Allstate recognizes Life Insurance Awareness Month with reminder to consumers

Allstate insurance technology

The insurance company has used September to underscore the financial security benefits of the coverage. September is Life Insurance Awareness Month and Allstate has recognized it by spreading the word. The insurer has been sharing information about the ways in which this type of policy can boost a family’s financial security. There are two primary ways upon which Allstate has been focusing to take advantage of life insurance benefits. The first is the central component of Life Insurance Awareness Month: buying a policy. That said, it recommends purchasing a policy…

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Tips to buy life insurance at a lower cost

life insurance

Understanding the ins and outs to buy the right coverage for the lowest price. When it comes time to buy life insurance there are many different things to be considered, and it’s easy to let sales people talk you into purchasing a plan that sounds impressive, but that might provide you with more coverage than you’ll ever need. The trick to making sure that you have everything you’ll require but at the best cost is to inform yourself. Unfortunately, that can seem easier said than done, especially with a policy…

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How to buy life insurance and broach the topic of death

Life Insurance

Though most people will reach the point that they’d like to consider coverage, knowing how to talk about the subject of death and how to buy life insurance isn’t always an obvious thing to do. After all, the process of trying to assign a financial value to a person’s life is not exactly a comfortable topic. However, what must be kept in mind is that this form over coverage is not designed to reduce the mourning and grief that will occur when a loved one has died, but it is…

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Are you making one of the most common life insurance policy mistakes?

Life insurance, and the decision to buy it, is among the most critical financial decisions that an individual will make in his or her lifetime. That said, most people will purchase a policy without fully understanding all of its various features, meaning that the majority of policyholders are not taking advantage of everything that their products have to offer. Experts in the life insurance industry have compiled a list of the most frequently overlooked life insurance features. The following are some of the points that made the list: • Premium…

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The Hartford launches new life insurance Issue First process

The Hartford has announced that it will now be able to offer its customers permanent life insurance in as little as five days, by way of its brand new First Issue process. As the current average in the industry for permanent life insurance delivery is 48 days, the new Hartford process has reduced that time to a mere fraction. It shows that the insurer has listened to the common complaint that they receive from their customers: that life insurance takes too long to purchase, and that they have done something…

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